The web home of Chris and Marianne Vaughn’s hobbies:
puppetry and jewelry-making
(and an excuse for Chris to spend time playing with web design)

September 25, 2000: Well, we’ve had this domain name for several months now and I haven’t done a thing with the site.  I think it’s about time to update it, don’t you?  So, with that in mind…

A lot’s happened in our lives since I stopped working on my web pages devoted to the Muppet performers and Fraggle Rock and put up those first pictures of Marianne’s jewelry back in 1997.  The biggest one for me is that instead of just being a fan of the Muppets (which I still am), I’m now a puppet-builder and puppeteer.  I’m not a pro by any means, but I’ve lent a hand to professional productions and I’ve gotten to know some of the very people I idolized back then.  I’ve made lots of friends through the puppetry guild here in DC and the parent organizationPuppeteers of America and had a really good time.

For much of the past year I was working on a television show called Ten Acre Park for a public access cable station here in Fairfax, Virginia.  I left the project before we got to the point of producing anything but it’s still going strong.

I’m now working on another project with some friends to produce puppet videos which we’ll publish on the net. More on that later…

Here are the web sites that we made several years ago.  They haven’t been updated in a very long time, but please feel free to visit them.
(Oh, and regarding my obsessive Fraggle and Muppet sites… thank you, I’m feeling much better now.